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The Unheard Truth - A book by Irene Khan


Despite economic growth in almost every corner of the world over the last decade, billions of people still live in poverty. Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan claims that economic analyses do not provide a full picture and economic solutions alone cannot end the problems of poverty. In a bracing argument enriched with her personal experiences and case studies from around the world, Khan sees poverty as the world’s worst human rights crisis because it traps people in a vicious cycle of deprivation, insecurity, exclusion, and voicelessness. She argues that the foremost challenge is the empowerment of poor people, and makes a passionate and urgent plea for action to uphold human rights in the fight to end poverty.

Irene Khan is the first woman and first Asian Secretary General of Amnesty International. She has received several prestigious awards for her leadership in human rights and her work to end violence against women, including the Sydney Peace Prize in 2006. She lives in London, UK, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Irene makes a convincing case for putting human rights at the center of the effort to end poverty.”

Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General in the Foreword

“The Unheard Truth is a passionate and urgent plea for action. Poverty is the world’s worst human rights crisis and this book makes a powerful statement about not only why but how we can turn the tide.”

Mary Robinson, President, Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (1997-2002), President of Ireland (1990-1997)

“An essential book for anyone serious about ending poverty: Kahn makes a passionate, nuanced case that no solution will work unless it empowers the world’s poor with the basic economic, social, and legal rights to assure them a strong voice in shaping their own future.

Hernando de Soto, Chair, Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor

“A well argued critique of mainstream thinking on development/poverty. The language avoids jargon while remaining conceptually rigorous and accurate.”

Prof. Sakiko Fukuda Parr, Professor of International Affairs at The New School, New York, USA

Published by: W.W. Norton – New York –London; www.wwnorton.com
ISBN: 978 0 393 33700
Format: 7″ × 9 1/4"
Pages: 256, 35 Photographs
Date published : 17/10/2009