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Amnesty International Report 2012



 The Amnesty International Report 2012 documents the state of human rights
in 155 countries and territories in 2011.

Throughout the year the demand for human rights resounded around the globe.
The year began with protests in countries where freedom of expression and
freedom of assembly were routinely repressed. But by the end of the year,
discontent and outrage at the failure of governments to ensure justice, security
and human dignity had ignited protests across the world.

A common strand linking these protests, whether in Cairo or New York, was how
quick governments were to prevent peaceful protest and silence dissent. Those
who took to the streets displayed immense courage in the face of often brutal
crackdowns and overwhelming use of lethal force.

In a year of unrest, transition and conflict, too many people are still denied their
most basic rights. As demands for better governance and respect for human
rights grow, this report shows that world leaders have yet to rise to the challenge.


ISBN    978 0 86210  472 6
ISSN    0309 068X
AI Index   POL 10/001/2012
Publication Date  24 May 2012
Product id   P3797EN