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Amnesty International Report 2013 USB Memory Stick


The Amnesty International Report 2013 documents the state of human
rights in 159 countries and territories during 2012.

While governments paid lip service to their commitment to human rights,
they continued to use national interests, national security and concerns
about public security to justify violating those rights.

In response, people all over the world took to the streets and explored
the explosive potential of social media to expose repression, violence
and injustice. Some paid a heavy price. In many countries, they faced
vilification, imprisonment or violence. Individual and collective acts of
courage and resistance continued to drive forward the struggle for human
rights and to ensure that the actions of governments and powerful vested
interests were forced into the spotlight.

This report bears witness to the courage and determination of women and
men in every region of the world who stood up to demand respect for their
rights and to proclaim their solidarity with those whose rights were flouted.

It shows how, despite all the obstacles in its path, the human rights
movement is growing ever stronger and more deep-rooted, and how the
hope it inspires in millions remains a powerful force for change.

This 4GB memory stick is uploaded with the pdf files of the full Amnesty International
Report 2013 and the Pamphlet in four languages; Arabic, English, French and Spanish.