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Amnesty Internation 2012 - Pamphlet (Arabic)



 Millions of people have taken to the streets in a mass outpouring of hope for freedom
and justice. Even the most brutal repression seems unable to silence the increasingly
urgent demands for an end to tyranny, as people show they are no longer willing to
endure systems of governance that are not built on accountability, justice and the
promotion of equality.

Published with the Amnesty International Report 2012, which documents the state of
human rights in 155 countries and territories in 2011, this pamphlet provides in-depth
analysis of the human rights challenges facing world leaders today.

In his essay “Leading from the streets”, Salil Shetty explores how, despite growing
demands for better governance, leaders at the national and international level are still
failing to create strong societies built on respect for human rights. To reclaim their role
as legitimate leaders, governments must understand the imperative to develop and
maintain a system that protects the powerless and restrains the powerful.

This essay sits alongside five regional overviews that highlight the key events and
trends that dominated the human rights agenda in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe
and Central Asia, and the Middle East and North Africa during 2011.

As Amnesty International moves into its sixth decade, we bear witness not only to the
plight of those living in the shadow of human rights violations, but also to those who
continue to be inspired to action by the principle of human dignity.

AI Index:              POL 10/002/2012
Product id:          P3798AR
Date Published:  24 May 2012